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Handpicked & Handmade

 Operating in the North America, Asia, and Europe,  "art plus data" provides marketing, aesthetic design and strategy consulting to consumer products, sports, and fashion companies.  

 We develop new branded products, through statistically-based trend assessment, then use quantitative methods to carefully determine which consumers to engage. 

The firm values discretion, and does not actively pursue new business. Choose a capability below to learn more.



Product Design

(ART+DATA) began with physical product design of mobile phones, fashion accessories and wearable technology. These areas endure as our deepest area of expertise. More >>


Event Design

Fashion Shows are our specialty, and the origin of our event design practice. We began 16 years ago, with the production of shows in support of annual shareholders meetings for publicly traded clothing, footwear and accessories companies.  More >>


Mobile Application Design 

(ART+DATA) design has developed some of the most widely engaged graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in mobile history, which were used by nearly 500 million people. More >>


Venue User Experience DEsign

(ART+DATA) design believes that the digital elements of any venue design should entail more than mere large screen monitors placed throughout the environment.  More >>


Personal Brand Development

The development and design of personal brands is our most prestigious service after product design. Principal Designer Roger Wood has developed personal digital brands and websites for some of the world’s most recognizable athletes.  More >>



(ART+DATA) design has been prolific in the development of brand identities and logos. The firm specializes in lifestyle brands that transcend any particular product category. More >>